Immunizations are given in conjunction with the Vaccines for Children’s Program and the State of Wyoming Department of Health Immunization Program. Immunizations are given following the Centers for Disease Control Guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations, and all State of Wyoming Immunization rules and regulations.

Using the Wyoming Immunization Registry, official immunization records may be obtained through the Public Health Office. If you or your child do not already participate in the Wyoming Immunization Registry, you may bring immunization records to be entered into the registry, and then receive an official record.

Open clinics are held every Wednesday 8 am to 5 pm. You may call for appointments (307-532-4069) or come to the clinics on Wednesday. Please call for other arrangements or an appointment as needed, to assure adequate staff is available to serve you and your children safely.

You will receive a record of immunizations given at the time of service, so you will always have up-to-date information after receiving vaccines.

Flu vaccination clinics for adults and children are conducted during the fall season. Call the office at 307-532-4069 for the time and location best suited for you. This information is also published in the paper, on the radio, and listed on the State of Wyoming Immunization site.

Tuberculin screening is done Monday – Wednesday in the Public Health Office.  A return visit is required in 48 hours for interpretation of the test and a report of the results.

For further information please check the State of Wyoming Immunization web site at: