Land Records

Our office records and maintains a permanent record of documents recorded in our office. All of our records are digitized and can be researched and copies printed on the three public computers located in our office.  Our employees can not do research, but if you need assistance our staff would be happy to show you how to use our computer system. Copies are 50 cents a page for any documents that are printed.

Our records can also be researched online with a paid subscription to iDoc Market and/or ArcaSearch! Go to our Online Records Page   for more information.


  • Document Format
    • Leave at least 1 1/2 inch margin on top of first page, and at least 1 to 1 1/2 inch margin on either the top or bottom of every page after.
    • Pages should be no larger than legal size.
    • No less than ’10’ font, documents must be legible and reproducible
    • Documents may be double sided, however recording fees are charged for each side.
    • Names should be printed under signatures that are notarized.
  • Documents transferring land ownership must be accompanied by a Statement of Consideration unless an exemption applies.
    • S.O.C. is a confidential document required to accompany recorded documents when land ownership changes. There are no recording fees charged for the Statement of Consideration.
  • Documents presented to our office for recording must be notarized and be original documents or certified copies.
  • Documents must include a “Grantor”, “Grantee”, “Document Date”, and a correct Goshen County legal description for documents pertaining to property.
  • Documents that release, assign, amend/modify, or correct a previously recorded document must include a “Relating Book and Page/Document No.” referring to the original document.
  • A document correcting a prior recorded document should clearly state what is being corrected and have the word “Corrected” in the title of the document.
  • Do not use white-out on your documents because we cannot accept documents for recording that have white-out used in them.
  • Document type should be in the title of the document

Our Recording Fees:

First Page:  $12.00           Every Page after the first:  $3.00 each

  • First 10 Sections or City Lots of Legal Description are included in the recording fees.  $1.00 charge for each section or city lot over ten.
  • Two Referring Book and Pages are included in recording fees.  $2.00 charge for each collateral description over two.
  • More than (5) Grantors/Grantees:  $1.00 for each extra
  • Plats (including cemeteries & amended plats): $75.00
  • Maps(in accordance with 33-29-139): $50.00
  • Corner Records: $5.00


The Goshen County Clerk’s Office stopped writing real estate transactions in the paper tract index books on December 31, 2015.  All research on documents recorded after December 31, 2015 will need to be completed in our computer system.


Goshen County Clerk, P.O. BOX 160,Torrington, WY  82240   Phone: 307-532-4051  Fax: 307-532-7375           If sending UPS or Fed Ex use:  2125 East A Street, Suite 120, Torrington, WY  82240