Media Category: 100 yr

#0182 – Governor Matt Mead adds a coffee mug to the items for the 2013 time capsule. Cindy Kenyon is holding the lid to the time capsule in the background. The 1913 time capsule sets beside the 2013 time capsule.

#0170 – Cindy Kenyon, Goshen County Clerk speaks. The new cornerstones are in front of the stage.

#0094 – Sarah Chaires and Cindy Kenyon on stage, Robert Melonuk (on steps), and County Commissioner Carl Rupp, Mayor Michael Varney, and County Commissioners James Hudelson, and Wally Wolski are sitting under the tent in the front row.

#0083 – The Snyder family, descendants of Martin Snyder, the first Goshen County Treasurer, are sitting in the front row on the courthouse lawn. Governor Matt Mead another attendee, is also sitting in the front row to the left of the Snyder family.

#0009 – Robert Melonuk and trumpet player. The Centennial Cornerstones are in front of stage.

#0342 – The men are working on the cornerstones.

#0161 – Governor Matt Mead wearing his Goshen County 1913-2013 A Century of Tradition ball cap he received during the ceremony.

#0114 – Governor Matt Mead speaks to the attendees.

#0005 – The Color Guard opens the ceremony.

#0059 – Sarah Chaires from the Homesteaders Museum and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk, read a newspaper article from the 1913 time capsule ceremony.