Outdoor Warning Sirens


Goshen County, WY. Messages and Corresponding Tones

Click, Listen, Familiarize and Prepare!

Message # 1 – Tone-ALERT…….Warning! A tornado warning has been issued for our location. Please take shelter immediately. (Repeat) time (31 seconds).

Message # 4 – Tone – WAIL….. (SHELTER IN-PLACE)   Chemical Release. Stay inside buildings and close windows and doors unless advised by authorities to evacuate area. (Repeat) time (31 seconds).

Message # 5 – Tone WAIL….. (EVACUATION)    Attention there has been a chemical release in your area. Everyone should evacuate immediately. Time (14 seconds).

Message# 6 – Tone – ATTACK…..Terrorist Alert. A Terrorism alert has been issued, please follow procedure. Time (12 seconds).

Message # 7 – Tone – AIR HORN (Short-3 seconds) …..All Clear, the emergency is over, (Repeat 3 times) Time (23 seconds).

Message # 8 – Tone – HI/LOW…..Attention, a flash flood warning is in effect for your area. Avoid low areas. Be alert for rising waters. Time (17 seconds).

Our Scripted Messages (use of microphone) – Tone – WHOOP…..Other general warnings, example….Escape, evacuation other than chemical, Heat warnings, Drinking water emergency, amber alert, etc.


We will not be using Message # 3 with a Tone. This is a TEST. This is a test of the emergency warning system, this is only a test. Time (14 seconds).

We will not be using Message # 2 with a Tone. Thunderstorm warning, large hail and high wind is possible. Listen to radio and TV for details. Time (13 seconds).