The property tax department is the central collection point for all taxes and fees coming into the county. While not all inclusive, a list of major department functions are:  

  • Collects property taxes.
  • Collects mobile machinery tax and issues appropriate decals.
  • Receives sales, use severance, gasoline, cigarette and other miscellaneous taxes from the state.
  • Issue tax status for mobile home title transfers and movement applications.
  • Records, tracks and redeems property tax liens on real property.
  • Receives all county office and department fees.

The Treasurer’s Office Does Not:

  • Determine the amount of taxes
    • (County Assessor’s office determines value)
  • Change record of ownership on property assessments
    • (County Assessor’s Office, but only with properly recorded documents)
  • Change record of address on property assessments
    • (County Assessor’s Office)
  • Record deeds, property transfers, and contracts of sale
    • (County Clerk’s Office)

Property Tax Payments

Property tax payments are paid in arrears, meaning you pay the taxes for the prior year (for example the taxes for 2023 will not be billed/paid until September of 2024). The property tax payments are divided in to two payment dates with the first half being due by November 10th, and the second half being due by May 10th. The Treasurer’s office also allows for the taxes to be paid in full which is due by December 31st with the interest on the first half being cleared. 

Online Property Tax Payments Now Available!! 

Tips for Online Payment

When using ITAX for property tax payment please enter only one of the following:

  • Parcel Number OR Realware Account Number
  • Owner Name: exactly as recorded on property deed ( last name first name )
  • Geo Code ( Example: 07-1887-01-1-08-20-0000)
  • If paying in full you must add each half individually. When paying by December 31st, the first half will initially show interest and the interest will clear when the second half is added to your cart.