Wyoming Titles – When transferring owners on a previous Wyoming Title

  • All names that appear on the front of the title must sign in front of a notary and have their signatures notarized.
  • All owners on the front of the title must sign regardless if the names are joined by “and” or by “or”.
  • In order to make a Wyoming title a person must have a Wyoming address.
  • All liens will need to be released before ownership can be transferred.
  •  Vehicles that have been manufactured in the last ten years will need the odometer disclosure completed on the back of the title.
  • The original title will need to be brought to our office in order to issue a new title.
  • The Clerk’s office holds all titles until the sales tax is paid in the Treasurer’s office.
  • When making a title for a Multipurpose Vehicle a MPV Form must be completed.

For questions about the requirements for licensing your vehicle or paying your sales tax contact the Treasurer’s office at 532-5151.

  • Purchases from a Dealer
    •  A vehicle purchased from a Wyoming Dealer will not require a VIN Inspection (The Wyoming Dealer can do the VIN Inspection on the Dealer Reassignment Form).
    • A Wyoming Dealer will generally issue a Dealer Reassignment Form to transfer ownership.
    • When the vehicle is financed the Dealer usually will send all the required paperwork to our office, or to the lienholder to be forwarded to our office.
    • When we receive your paperwork we will issue the title and mail you a letter informing you that the title has been made and is being held in our office until sales tax has been paid.
    • If we do not recieve everything we need from the Dealer to issue your title, we will send you a letter informing you of the additional paperwork or money required to issue your title.
    •  Purchases from an out-of-state Dealer will require a VIN Inspection unless the vehicle is new and is issued a C of O.
    •  If the vehicle was manufactured in the last ten years the odometer statement on the title will also need to be completed.
    • The Clerk’s Office holds all titles until the sales tax is paid in the Treasurer’s office.
  • Out of State Purchases
    • When purchasing a vehicle from out of state you will need to bring in the original title for the vehicle which has been properly signed over to you and has had all liens released.
    • Some states require the sellers to sign in front of a notary, and require all owners named on the front of the title to sign regardless of how the names are joined; other states only require the sellers’ signatures and require one owner to sign if the names are joined byor. Generally if there is a place for a notary on the title, then the signatures need to be notarized. Contact our office if you have questions about who needs to sign and if a notary is required.
    • Our office also needs a VIN inspection performed on the vehicle by a law enforcement officer, except when purchasing a brand new vehicle that has an original Certificate of Origin. (A certificate of Origin that has been previously assigned to an individual will still need a VIN INspection)
    • If circumstances are such that one cannot obtain a VIN inspection from a Wyoming law enforcement officer, then an out of state law enforcement officer can perform the VIN Inspection, but he needs to use the Wyoming Out of State VIN Form  also located on our website under “Forms”; or you can call our office and we can e-mail or mail you the form.
    • Our office requires the original VIN Inspection, we do not accept photocopies or faxed VIN Inspections.
    • If the vehicle was manufactured in the last ten years the odometer statement on the title will also need to be complete
    • The Clerk’s Office holds all titles until the sales tax is paid in the Treasurer’s office.
  • Duplicate Titles

    If you lose your Wyoming title, you can apply for a duplicate title in the county your original title was issued by completing a Duplicate Title Application and submitting it to the clerk’s office with the fee of $15.00.

    • All owners whose name appears on the title must have their signatures notarized on the duplicate title application
    • If there was a lien-holder on the title that was lost , then a lien release will be required to issue a duplicate title.
    • Duplicate titles no longer require an eleven day waiting period.
  • Branded Titles- Wyoming carries forward brands from other states.
    • Any motor vehicle that is declared total loss by an insurance company or sustains damage in an amount exceeding 75% of its actual retail value will be issued a salvage title
      • If the total loss is due to hail damage the title will be branded hail and the title will note Hail Salvage and will not require a rebuilt decal
      • Bring the letter from the insurance company stating the damage when applying for your title and the title will need to be notarized by the owners
    • This does not apply to vehicles with more than eight years of service that are currently titled in Wyoming, trailers, or commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding twenty-six thousand pounds.

    An out-of-state title coming to Wyoming with a salvage brand will have to obtain a Wyoming salvage title, regardless of how many years the vehicle has been in service,  and obtain a rebuilt decal from WYDOT prior to registering the vehicle

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