Field Review

General Information for the Goshen County Assessor

The Goshen County Assessor’s Office conducts an on-going program of reviewing all property within the county.  This review includes checking the size, type, condition and any other characteristic information of all improvements on the property.  These field reviews are a requirement of the Wyoming Statutes and Department of Revenue Rules and Regulations, which state that all property must be checked once every six years.  This helps us ensure the information used in the valuation process is current and accurate.

The Goshen County Assessor has prepared a rotation, by tax district, so that all property is being checked at least once every 5 years, which is approximately 1850 parcels each year. The Goshen County Assessor’s Office has two members of our staff conducting these inspections.  These employees have photo identification that is issued by the Goshen County Assessor’s Office. There is at least one employee that carries a certification of ‘Appraiser’ by the Department of Revenue. They operate a county vehicle with signage on the vehicle that identifies them as the Goshen County Assessor’s Office. The following rotations will give you an idea of the areas in which we will be working each year:

  • Year – 2022: Part of Tax District 0101, all of 0104, 0105, 0108, 0112, 0122, 0124, 0125, 0127, 0128, 0132, 0151
  • Year – 2023: Part of Tax District 0153, all of 0103, 0115, 0117, 0118, 0133
  • Year – 2024: Part of Tax District 0101 and 0153, all of 0114, 0116, 0123, 0130, 0152, 0154
  • Year – 2025: Part of Tax District 0101 and 0153, all of 0106, 0107, 0109, 0119, 0121, 0131
  • Year – 2026: Part of Tax District 0153, all of 0102, 0110, 0120, 0126, 0129, 0150

The primary reason for the visit is to be sure that our records are accurate and the taxpayer is being assessed correctly.  All of the measurements done are from the outside of the structures. On occasion we need to get inside information on a structure and we will need the taxpayer to contact us with that information.  We do not enter a structure without express permission except in the case of new construction. The protocol the field appraisers follow is:

  • The first step in every property visit is to go to the door, identify themselves and explain the purpose of their visit.
  • If no one is home, they have been instructed by Debra Surratt, the Goshen County Assessor to leave a door hanger stating that they had been there and there is usually a note if we need the taxpayer to contact us about some information we may need.
  • In many cases, we do ask the owner to call us back so we can verify the inside information.